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The 2015 cinema vintage - the emancipation of Luxembourg film

Mammejong, Baby(a)lone, Song of the Sea, Colonia - Luxembourg film is present on all of the big festivals and screens

Jeff Desom exhibe au Museum of Moving Images (New York)Audiovisual production in the Grand Duchy has been expanding rapidly in the past few years. And the 2015 vintage is exceptionally rich because, as well as for the Luxembourg coproductions, the year also brough us outstanding Luxembourg productions, such as Eng nei Zäit, Mammejong or Baby(a)lone. As far as prizes are concerned, everybody is looking forward to the 2016 Academy Awards, at which the Luxembourg coproduction The Brand New Testament has been nominated.

Luxembourg actively supports the audiovisual production sector, not just through its offer of financial support to Luxembourg (co)productions by intermediary fof the Film Fund Luxembourg, but also through actively supporting the accumulation of know-how in Luxembourg, through production societies and through the Advanced technician's certificates (BTS) in animation drawing, applied writing and cinema and audiovisual.

The most successful movies in 2015 were ...

The film production in Luxembourg benefits from an active audience which loves going to cinemas, as the number prove.

Thus, the Top 10 movies leading the list of ticket sales in 2015 are;

1 James Bond: Spectre*
2 Minions
3 Furious 7
4 Star Wars: The Force Awakens*
5 Fifty Shades of Grey
6 Jurassic World
7 Fack Ju Göhte 2
8 Avengers: Age of Ultron
9 The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2*
10 Honig im Kopf

* still being shown in 2016

For the Luxembourg productions, the Top 5 are:

1 Eng nei Zäit 14,467
2 Baby(a)lone 4,340
3 Mammejong 3,017
4 Faustino 1,777
5 Mos Stellarium 1,289

(Source: Utopia S.A.)

The 2015 (co)productions

In 2015, a large number of feature films, animated films and documentaries came out:

  • Brabançonne - a comedy opposing two brass bands of a town in Belgium, one French-speaking, the othe Dutch-speaking, in a European contest. A contemporary version of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet;
  • Colonia - this drama tells the story of a young couple who gets embroiled in the upheavalsof the beginng dictatorship in Chili, a voyage which ends in a German colony led by a fanatic;
  • Demon-Kings - animated feature film which immerses the spectator into the legends of the Far East;
  • Disparue en hiver - Kad Merad, a disillusioned investigator, goes searching for a missing young woman, which he himself failed to help;
  • L'Enquête - political thriller: a journalist and a judge go on a crusade against the corruption of the financial sector, an investigation which also leads to Luxembourg;
  • Extraordinary Tales - animated feature film in 5 episodes, narrating five of Edgar Allan Poe's stories. This film was able to scoop a greeat many trophies at a series of festivals;
  • La Volante - thriller about a woman on her path of revenge against the killer of her son;
  • Le Chant des Hommes - feature film about migrants without documents who stage a hunger strike;
  • Mammal - in Dublin, a divorced woman and a homeless youth begin a dangerous relationship;
  • Melody - feature film about Melody, a young Frenchwoman who consents to become the surrogate mother for an English couple. Winner at the Festival des Films du Monde in MOntréal and the Festival du Film Francophone de Namur;
  • Mister Rocket (and his magnetic friends) - fantasy film about three improbable friends who want to go living on Mars;
  • Préjudice - family drama about suppressed dreams and a rebellion;
  • Secrets of War - adventure film about two twelve year old boys who experience the Second World War in a Dutch village in 1943. Winner at the Dutch Film Festival, at the Chicago International Children's Film Festival and at the Castellinaria International Film Festival;
  • Song of the Sea - animated feature film based on an Irish folk legend;
  • Soundhunters - documentary about musicians who decide to exclusively use everyday sounds for their music;
  • Sunset Song - drama about the hardships of a young woman on a Scottish farm;
  • The Adventures of Young Marco Polo - animated series about a young Marco Polo looking for his father;
  • The Triplets - animated series about triplets - the remake of a French series of the same name;
  • The Brand New Testament - God lives in Brussels and loves to terrorise humanity as well as his daughter Ea, until the day she escapes from her father;
  • Two by Two - animated feature film about animals who did not succeed in boarding Noah's ark in time;
  • Zoli & Pokey - animated series.

100% Luxembourgish productions - convincing and authentic

  • Black Harvest - feature film by Luxembourg director Jean-Louis Schuller and US-director Sean Clark, produced by Antevita Films;
  • Baby(a)lone - feature film by Luxembourg director Donato Rotunno, produced by Iris Productions and Iris Films (BE), which tells the story of Luxembourgish adolescents on an autodestructive path;
  • Eng nei Zäit - historical drama produced by Samsa Films and Artémis Productions (BE) about the difficult post-war years in Luxembourg;
  • Faustino - documentary about the life of Luxembourg entertainer Fausti by Luxembourg director Andy Bausch, produced by Juliette Films and Paul Thiltges Distributions;
  • Dreams have a language - documentary by director Donato Rotunno about French artist Sylvie BLocher, produced by Trantula Luxembourg;
  • La misère - animated feature film based on a Yugoslavian legend;
  • Le miroir des apparences - feature film about a choreographer who encounters difficulties while organising ist latest performance. Winner at the Luxembourg City Film Festival;
  • Les brigands - feature film, a remake of the theatre play by famous German playwright and author Friedrich Schiller;
  • Mammejong - feature-length drama about a young man, controlled by his mother, who is confronted by his first love;
  • Mos Stellarium - documentary presenting the fates of 6 refugees who speak about their voyage to Luxembourg and the difficulties they met;
  • Seed of Hope - animated feature film: a space ship is the last refuge of humanity, and one member of the crew has to face difficulties which could jeopardise the future of humanity;
  • The Heat Wave - comedy about a young man who locks himself outside wearing just an apron, while his future father-in-law is bound to arrive;
  • The Light Eater - animated feature film about a young boy smitten by a curse: when he opens his mouth, he 'eats' the light around him;
  • Voices from Chernobyl - feature film giving a voice to those still impacted by the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.
  • Ziggy and the Zoo Tram - animated series about zoo animals which, every morning and every evening, commute between the zoo and their village on an island;
  • routwäissgro - series of documentaries about daily life in Luxembourg.
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