Paediatric care system to be improved

The new system will ensure better national coverage

Amélioration du service pédiatriqueIt's never much fun taking a child to the doctor's, particularly in an emergency. To improve national coverage for paediatric care in the Grand Duchy, to increase the number of players capable of dealing with a sick child, and to reduce pressure on paediatricians, the Government - together with the other players - has overhauled the current system.

  • Throughout the Grand Duchy, the continuity of general paediatric care is being improved by all the country's private paediatricians, collaborating in a centralised paediatric medical centre (maison médicale pédiatrique) at the Kannerklinik and, in the medium term, by the organisation of an out-patient paediatric structure in the north and south of the Grand Duchy.
  • The coverage of maternity units at hospitals throughout the Grand Duchy is to be ensured and consolidated by paediatricians: the Grande-Duchesse Charlotte maternity (CHM) and the Clinique Bohler (HRS) in the centre of the country, the CHEM maternity unit in the south, and the CHdN Ettelbruck maternity unit in the north. Criteria for transferring at-risk pregnancies have been adopted, and the neo-natal SAMU service has been reinforced; these measures will make things safer for new-born babies. Futhermore, the number of neo-natal specialists is increased to eight.
  • And in the north and south of the Grand Duchy, urgent consultations for children outside paediatricians' normal working hours and paediatric emergencies will be dealt with primarily by a general practitioner at a medical centre (maison médicale) or by an emergency doctor at a hospital emergency department.
  • The emergency service at the children's clinic (Kannerklinik) will stay on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, as it is now, to deal with all paediatric emergencies in the Grand Duchy, including those transferred by other emergency units and medical centres, if necessary with assistance from the SAMU service.
  • At hospitals in the south and north of the Grand Duchy, a paediatrician will be available for urgent consultations at certain times during the weekend and on public holidays. A paediatrician will continue to be available if another specialist needs an opinion at a hospital (CHEM and CHdN).

What to do in an emergency

If the parents of a child, or a doctor, or one of the emergency services, think that it is a serious paediatric emergency for which a paediatrician is absolutely necessary, the child should be taken straight to the Kannerklinik, which deals with complicated paediatric emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If there is real doubt as to the seriousness of the child's state of health, it is also preferable to take the child straight to the Kannerklinik at the CHL.

In the case of an emergency not requiring the presence of a paediatrician (a broken leg, for example), the child should be taken to emergency at the duty hospital (or to emergency at the Kannerklinik).

(Source: press release from the Ministry of Health)

  • Updated 12-01-2016