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Géoportail - a new platform for viewing general development plans ('PAG')

Administrative simplification for general development plans ('PAG')

08-geoportailOn 8 December 2015 the Ministry of the Interior presented a new platform for viewing general development plans ('PAG') on the Géoportail, the official national platform for geographical data and information.

The project is an integral part of the Government's efforts to achieve administrative simplification. The purpose of the platform is to make it possible, for a given plot of land, to view all the regulations relating to the building sector, an area in which the regulations are relatively complex.

The new tool has been developed by the Ministry of the Interior in close collaboration with the Géoportail service of the Land Registry and Topography Agency.

From 8 December 2015, master plans will be published on the site by all municipalities that have since been subject to a general overhaul after the 2011 regulations and all particular arrangement plans (PAP) which are in vigour in the concerned municipalities . The information available will also include all the national regulations, including flood-risk areas and listed nature reserves.

The general public will be able to access the platform, which will enable private individuals as well as professionals to obtain information on the constructibility of a given plot of land without having to look through the applicable rules in the various texts.

Indeed, a computer system was put in function that automatically shows the applicable rules for any given plot and combines them into a single report that will be instantly available to the user.

That said, this tool allows, through the use of latest computer technologies, to fundamentally increase the transparency of the communication for construction rules. Currently, any interested party has to contact the various municipal and State authorities in order to obtain information on the applicable rules, which requires a certain degree of understanding of the legislation in force.

(Source: press release by the Ministry of the Interior)

  • Updated 10-12-2015