Democratising renewable energy: Why diversification of legal forms for enterprises matters (LUXEMBOURG)

Second lecture in the lectures series on 'Social Enterprise and Social Innovation for Sustainability'Why do transitions to more sustainable energy systems fundamentally depend on the diversification of legal forms and funding mechanisms for enterprises producing renewable energy? Recent legislative developments in Luxembourg, the UK, the US and Japan are forging new forms of 'social' legal statutes; these will be juxtaposed with for-profit entities, in order to explore strengths and weaknesses of each legal form in terms of capital procurement for renewable energy technologies, disclosure rules and public oversight/regulation. On this basis we will then analyse how these entities could potentially evolve with the growth of sustainable finance including green bonds, sustainable investment funds, or the recent launch of the green exchange by the Luxembourg Stock Exchange.  Please register at public lecture series presents a platform to critical...

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Université du Luxembourg - Campus Limpertsberg (Luxembourg, Centre / Zentrum, LUXEMBOURG)
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